The Grinning Barretts Vancouver Island Celtic Punk Rock

The Grinning Barretts are bagpipe strangling, vocal chord mangling, gormandizer uplifting, Riot Brewing imbibing, Vancouver Island Celtic punk rock. They’ve taken Celtic sounds & mashed them up with gritty punk rock passion to create a wild ride of traditionals, originals & additionals that will move your feet into jig formation & bring out your inner rabblerousing.


The Grinning Barretts Music and shows

  Hope Like Hell EP


4 new tracks for your listening pleasure, and just a hint at the full album to come, this is definitely our best stuff yet!

The St Padraig’s EP

The debut EP from Van Isle Celt-Punks. Recorded DIY guerrilla style in the basement, the way punk is supposed to be!!

Released March 17, 2018

The 2nd EP from Van Isle Celt-Punk upstarts The Grinning Barretts. Dedicated to the good people at Riot Brewing Co. in Chemainus BC. We love you guys.

Released August 18, 2018

The Riot EP

No shows booked for now, but stay tuned!!!

Excited Pat

New Video From The Duncan Showroom!

Many of the Photos on this site were taken by the most amazing John Carlow of Finding Charlotte Photography. Go check them out!